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Voted by the Detroit News "Michigan's Best" in the category of "Best Place to Buy Sheet Music" !!!!

As all of you who personally know us, we are so excited to offer our services to you on a more accessible level, and to those of you who don't know us, we hope to be able to serve you from our humble home in Rochester Hills, MI, USA.


All About Annie's

For the past 26 years, Annie's Music has dedicated their efforts to become the premier music source for musicians of all levels and talents, from the professional concert artist, pop/rock local or national performer, or student and teachers from across the country.  People who shop with us are an eclectic variety of old, young, famous, infamous, prodigies, and weekend warriors, who all appreciate Annie's ability to help make their musical experience happen.  Whether you are musically talented or the "designated gopher for the  musician in need", we will be more than happy to assist you with your musical needs.

Ok......  Is there a "Real" Annie ?????

Sure there is.  Annie's Music, was founded in 1981, by Anne Paddy, formerly known as Anne Johnson, concert and recording artist for Hammond Organ Co., as a result of her constant quest to find what she was in  need of to pursue her own musical career.  With over 25 years of music industry experience, she has more resources at her fingertips than any other source in the industry

A well-recognized performer, composer, arranger on her own right, she is internationally recognized as a brilliant and  intelligent business woman.  She is frequently consulted by members of the music wholesale and retail industries, as well as  other music store owners, for product development and analysis of musical trends.



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Customer Quotes

Annie's is proud of our reputation in the music industry.  If you've called or surfed around, you've probably already heard it, and that's why you are here.  Not only do music professionals from Anita Baker to Daddy Winan, shop at Annie's, but so do most of the people who work and own other music stores!!!!

Try Annie's, if they don't have it... no one does!

"Annie's Music is the ONLY PLACE I can ever find what I need.  If they don't have it, they can research it for you and they can order it in, if it's available"  

"Don't Waste Your Time.... Call Us FIRST....... I thought that was pretty gutsy, but it certainly proved to be true."

We at Annie's Music are here to help you find what you can't anywhere else.  We WILL BE HONEST!  If we can't find it, we'll tell you. If it's not available to us, we'll tell you.  If it costs a fortune to obtain it for you, we'll tell you.  If it doesn't exist, we'll tell you that, too!  We have the best resources in the industry, the finest research department available, and the politest and most courteous staff to assist you.  





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Please call, email, fax or contact us at your easiest convenience.

Our regular business hours are:  M-TH  10-9   Fri 10-7  Sat 10-5  and Sun 12-3

For product inquiries during non-business hours, we would appreciate it if you would fax or email during those times, rather than leaving a voicemail.  This way we are assured of receiving all the specific details and information regarding your requests.  Please include, phone#, fax # and email address when sending inquiries.  Also, please add to your email contact list, so that our answers to your emails are not blocked by spam software.

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